Shopping For Vintage Levi Jeans

Laura Tolentino

Vintage Levi jeans are definitely stunning and so many women prefer them over the contemporary jeans. The problem is that they are not widely available and you need to also think about style, which is a little bit tricky when compared with the skinny jeans. This is all that you really need to know.

Ignore Sizing Labels

The original vintage Levi jeans were made for the workman so an awkward fit is definitely possible on the body of a modern woman. In order to be safe, you should shop based on actual fittings and measurements, not based on size labels. As an example, hip to waist ratio will vary a lot from one pair to the next. Vanity has to be eliminated when you pick vintage Levi jeans because of this.

Styling Tips

Vintage jeans can so easily become modern when used properly while offering that old feel you are looking for. Do not be afraid of buying a pair that is longer since you can easily hem it yourself.

Make sure that you always top the jeans in a wise manner. It is a little difficult to get these working well to properly showcase the butt. You have to complement the area with a good top. Regularly wash your vintage pair even if some people tell you something else. Whatever you heard about the quality loss noticed in denims does not apply to the vintage ones.

Where Can I Buy Vintage Levi’s?

This is the main question that usually appears. You can find such great pairs in various locations with the following being really popular:

  • Thrift Shops – you will surely be surprised to notice how many great pairs end up in the thrift shop. Obviously, you may not find some at many of the stores but there is a pretty good possibility that some will be available.
  • Ebay and similar – this is where you can easily find some great pairs of vintage Levi’s. You just need to find based on appropriate keywords. Just make sure that you take your time to get the measurements right.
  • Best vintage shops – the best vintage shops will ALWAYS have such jeans because they are so great. The only problem is that the prices are going to be high.
  • Online shops – there are many that can offer what you are looking for and the process is not at all time consuming. However, you have to be sure that you only buy from those online stores that have a really good reputation so you get what you pay for since you cannot visually inspect what you buy.