Victoria Beckham Outfits – Always A Fashion Statement

Laura Tolentino

Victoria Beckham’s evolution in the fashion world is one that was really interesting. She managed to move away from the Spice Girls (where she was called Posh spice because she was…posh) to a regular fashion icon that is always up-to-date with trends and that really knows how to dress well. Victoria Beckham outfits inspired hundreds of thousands of people. It is hard to believe that she went from WAG, bling and hair-extensions to a really acclaimed fashion designer that loves minimalist tailoring.

victoria bechkahm 02

What is really interesting with the Victoria Beckham outfits is that they always suit her perfectly. She always sticks to a classic color palette and silhouette while taking a page out of the seventies and eighties fashion.

One thing that you may not know is that Victoria Beckham’s currently a go to girl for so many celebrities in Hollywood, Beyonce included. At the same time, she is the face of her collections. You might have already seen her in a tangerine dress designed by her or in the nude VB gown. At the Vanity Fair Oscar party of 2012 you surely remember that she wore that stunning cobalt blue pencil skirt dress that mesmerizing.

Out of the many different Victoria Beckham outfits, the S/S 13 collection stood out. It was highly luxurious and was modernized with the use of flippy hemlines and new shapes. VB showcased flats, which was totally unexpected in a combination with the outfit. In many cases she tweeted pictures of the outfits while she wore them during travels.

victoria beckham

On the whole, we are looking at a clear fashion icon that evolve to a Spice Girl, the classy and stylish one but still a Spice Girl to Cavalli and her very own, unique fasion line. Mrs Beckham manages to co-ordinate the outfits flawlessly with everything that is in trends and in demand.

We can all take a big page from Victoria Beckham Outfits. They are always the talk of the town and so many celebrities are already in line for the very next dresses that are launched. We have to keep an eye on her as she will definitely become fashion industry royalty.